Smoother Rides Make for Happier Passengers

Smoother Rides Make for Happier Passengers

Replace your old vehicle suspension in Pinole, CA

Has your ride been bumpier than normal lately? You may have a suspension problem. If you need a suspension replacement, NFS Tires and Wheels will take care of it for you in Pinole, CA. We install top-quality Air Lift Air Springs suspension kits to help our customers enjoy the smoothest rides possible.

Don't put up with a bumpy ride any longer. Contact us now if you're worried about your vehicle's suspension.

What does your suspension do?

It might be time to consider a suspension replacement

Odds are you've heard people talk about a vehicle's suspension, but you may not know what this means. A vehicle's suspension:

  • Connects the tires to the car
  • Creates a smoother ride in your vehicle
  • Allows for motion between the tire and the car

Without the extra motion allowed by the suspension, you would feel every single bump in the road. Reach out to us today if you need a suspension replacement.